Les Boutons d'Or

Inspiring the joy of learning

Introduction to the curriculum

The school’s mission is to give each child the means to become an autonomous, balanced, mature and sociable adult.  This is done by developing the creativity of the children.

The school’s curriculum is based on the works of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1924).  The curriculum is dictated by the development of the children.

‘To welcome each child as a unique person, to build up a relationship of mutual respect and to allow each child to explore, to blossom and to value their own skills and potentials – that is the role of school.  At least this is what the international movement of Steiner-Waldorf schools believes, which is in line with the thoughts and the actions of UNESCO in terms of education. Frederico Mayo, General Director of UNESCO 1987-1999.

For further information on the Waldorf curriculum, see http://steiner-waldorf.org

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