Les Boutons d'Or

Inspiring the joy of learning

The Team

President of the Association : Victoria Gomez
Head Teacher : Amélie Kanner-Dassonville
Administrator : Marie Boulangé

Teaching Team in the ‘Jardin d'enfants’ (primary school) : 

Caroline Mestre has been a teacher in the Jardin d’enfants in our school since September 2003.  She is a mother of three grown-up children and was a dance teacher for children of all ages for 7 years, before training to become a Steiner-Waldorf teacher at Didascali, centre of training in Avignon.  She is responsible for the ‘turtle doves’ group (les Tourterelles).

- Julia Sellem is now responsible for the ‘swallows’ group (les Hirondelles), before that she was deputy teacher (1/2/3) and handicrafts teacher . She is mother of two children.
- Audrey Krebs:  eurhythmy teacher
- Paula Arango : She is a polyvalent teacher assistant, taking care of the recreation and after-school clubs, and studying steiner-waldorf pedagogy in DIDASCALI

Charline Wagner,is doing her civil service, and studying steiner-waldorf pedagogy in DIDASCALI
- Simon Bauerle: is from Germany and is currently undertaking her civil service.  

Teaching team in the elementary section of the school (from CP to CM2):

- Brigitte Hunou : teacher for the 2nd , 3rd and 4th classes (CP-CE1-CE2)
- Suzanne Dessalien : teacher for the 1st and 5th classes   
- Alejandra Galvis 
: English and spanish  teacher   
- Audrey Krebs: eurhythmy teacher
- Ariane Domenech offers occasional circus workshops (juggling, balancing, diabolo)
- Lisa Schiele, from Germany and currently undertaking civil service, teaching assistant, helps with recreations and in the before/after-school clubs. 

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