Les Boutons d'Or

Inspiring the joy of learning

Elementary school

The elementary school is made up of two mixed-aged classes (equivalent to CP-CE1-CE2 et CM1-CM2 in the French system). 
The school offers small class sizes with each class having a maximum class size of 20 children.

The curriculum is the same as in traditional schools but the approach is different.  The Steiner-Waldorf approach ensures that creativity as well as intellect and the spirit as well as the body of each child are nurtured.  Lessons are grouped into periods of three to four weeks for the core subjects (French, Arithmetic, History/Geography, Natural Science), which are taught for two hours each morning.  The rest of the day is spent doing language lessons (English and German), music, arts and crafts and eurhythmy (the art of movement).

An education which respects the individual. Each pupil is welcomed as a unique person.  An ongoing relationship of confidence and responsibility is created between pupils and teachers.  The teacher respects the rhythms of the child and the rhythm of the day.  Different methods of learning are encouraged, including use of the arts (painting, modelling, music, handicrafts, expressive dance) which stimulate interest, curiosity and concentration.  Through creative activities, the children are able to develop their self-confidence, desire to create, the spirit of initiative and also the pleasure of learning. 

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